lesson books and materials

Lesson Books and Materials

Drum Lessons are conducted from a variety of books and materials.  Following is a list of some of the lesson books used.

ABC of Drumming ABC of Drumming by Serge Carnovale
A comprehensive introduction to drumming for the beginner.
Groove Essentials Groove Essentials by Tommy Igoe
Includes 88 play-along tracks, 6 hours of music and pro charts for every song.
Art of Bop Drumming The Art of Bop Drumming by John Riley
A comprehensive study of Jazz drumming, includes play-along CD plus pro charts for every song.
Sticking Patterns Sticking Patterns by Gary Chaffee
A study of creative sticking patterns, accented single strokes and use of double strokes around the drum kit. Contains demonstration CD.
Studio/Jazz Drum Cookbook Studio/Jazz Drum Cookbook by John Pickering
An introduction to jazz coordination (excellent study for beginner Jazz students).
The Drumset Musician The Drumset Musician by Rod Morgenstein & Rick Mattingly
A musical approach to playing the drums, contains play-along CD with pro charts.
Rhythm Section Drumming Rhythm Section Drumming by Frank Corniola
A workbook for musical togetherness between drums & bass. Contains play-along CD.
Rudiments and Motions Rudiments & Motions by Frank Corniola
Contains accent studies, drumkit concepts, sticking patterns, dynamic development, rudiments, roll studies and rudimental solos.